The 5 Slides You Need to Have in Your Pitch Deck for 2022

The 5 Slides You Need to Have in Your Pitch Deck for 2022

Many entrepreneurs who want to bring a business idea to life or grow their venture must hold various meetings with investors to obtain several financial support. You should pay attention to some criteria before investment negotiations, which are significant for entrepreneurs. So, how should an effective Pitch Deck be, and what is the purpose of a Pitch Deck?

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What is Pitch Deck?

Pitch Deck is a short presentation prepared by entrepreneurs to attract the attention of investors as they seek the necessary financial support. Entrepreneurs can prepare Pitch Deck in two different ways. The first is a presentation which will be shared with investors via the e-mail address and contains more information. The second is a face-to-face sales interview prepared with more visual and summary information. Commonly a Pitch Deck; should be simple and impressive. Also, a Pitch Deck should have a maximum of 19 pages of slides. So what is the purpose of a Pitch Deck?

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What is the Purpose of Pitch Deck?

The purpose of the Pitch Deck is to ensure that you receive financial support for your business idea or the initiative you have created. In short, we can express it as marketing your own business or idea to an investor whom you can get financial support from them. There are points that you should pay attention to many criteria that you should not apply in a Pitch Deck. These are as follows:

  • There should not be boring, long texts or paragraphs in our presentation.
  • You should pay attention to the words you use. In particular, you should not use words containing religious and political views.

In addition, there are five essential slides to have for an effective Pitch Deck. These are as follows:

Vision and value proposition

One of the significant parts of a successful Pitch Deck is where you discuss the vision and value proposition. In this part of your presentation, you should consult your business mission and how you developed a solution.

Why did you develop this business idea?

You should explain details on which problem you developed your project and what you want to do in this section. In short, you should present yourself very well to potential investors. Investors find the opinions of entrepreneurs who offer a solution to a problem more attractive.

What are the target market and opportunities?

At this stage, you need to address your target market. You should inform show your difference by giving information about the rival companies that can serve the people in your target market. The way to reach your target audience is to use their channels through digital markets.

What is a roadmap?

You need to inform us about how the project will progress at this stage. Significantly, you convey the necessary steps of the project and your estimated calculations for them to the investor.

Marketing and sales strategy

If your presentation is at this stage, you should specify how long after your project will receive investment income. Transferring your marketing and sales strategies to the investor is of great importance in terms of evaluating the future of the project.

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