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Bodrum Adventure Of Entrepreneurs

We work for entrepreneurs to devote their time to creating value, not seeking investment.

Create Venture Profile

How much can you describe your initiative through a form? Yes, you will fill out another form, we are working to make this the last form you fill out.

Join the Live Stream

Join the 30-minute live broadcast with the Bodrum Angels Team to better promote your venture.

Wait for Investors to Rate Your Venture...

Let our Investors watch the summary of our broadcast with you and rate your venture.

Join the Venture Presentation Day!

If enough investors are interested in your Venture , you can secure your spot at the regular Venture Presentation Days.

Submit Your Investment Tour Offer to Us

Let us know the Investment you are looking for for your venture and how much you value your company. Let us do our best to find you the investment they call smart money.


If we find investors interested in your offer, let's arrange a 1 hour video call as soon as possible. All our investors are invited to the first meeting. Be prepared, this time investors will ask questions. You know, the second meeting will be in Bodrum. Who knows, maybe this investment tour will end on a boat in a beautiful bay of Bodrum.

Efficient Communication

Until you get your next investment, easily share the status of your venture with your investors in Bodrum. Request a meeting if necessary, design the next step in your value creation adventure with your new partners.

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