Ersin Pamuksüzer

Ersin Pamuksüzer is the founder of “The LifeCo Well-being” company and “SAF” brand. He is also the founder of StartersHub and Angel Effect and the chairman of Başakşehir Living-Lab.

Starting his career at Ericsson Telecommunications company in Sweden in 1981, Pamuksüzer was the general manager of Ericsson Turkey for many years. After ending her career at Ericsson in 2002, she turned to the wellness industry. In 1993, while Ericsson was in Turkey, he pioneered the establishment of Turkcell, one of Turkey’s first GSM operators. He played an important role in the development of the telecom sector as a member of the board of directors of Turkcell until 2006. Bringing the knowledge and experience he gained in the business world to the world of entrepreneurship, Ersin Pamuksüzer has provided and continues to provide different supports such as mentoring, investment and board membership in startups, development and many processes.

After 20 years in the business world, he started to search for new, healthier and better ways of living. Realizing that his lifestyle, which he created as a result of his own experience and research, attracts high attention from the people around him, Pamuksüzer decided to turn it into a company and established LifeCo, which offers healthy and well-being therapies and natural treatment services in 2005. Right after that, in 2006, he launched the restaurant SAF, which offers vegan delicacies. 60% of the customers of these two companies, which have international prestige, are guests from abroad, especially from Europe.

He is the founder of Startup Bootcamp Istanbul, one of the first acceleration programs of the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem. It has implemented StartersHub with a fund size of $10M in order to observe the needs of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to develop the ecosystem and create success stories globally. One of the important ecosystem players of the region, StartersHub has made more than 65 investments to date and contributed to the development of hundreds of startups with acceleration and support programs.

Ersin Pamuksüzer holds two postgraduate degrees in Electronics Engineering from Linkoping University in Sweden and an MBA from Upsalla University.

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